With a wide-open entrance that silently and elegantly welcomes you and transparent walls that give you a sense of freedom and openness, The Seventy is a modern redefined version of a home. Within the restricted spaces of the city, the large windows and beautiful balconies that reach out into the open air make it a luxurious space. The vertical gardens enveloping the whole house minimize the heating effect of the summer sun. Additionally, the use of concrete and wood in the exterior brings in warmth and a welcoming aura. As you enter the house the design language and the light filtering in immediately puts you in the relaxing mode. The play of light throughout the house provides animation and a play of shadows to spaces inside the house. The graceful staircase winds its way up the levels like the backbone of the house. The bedrooms are simple and functional and they highlight the character of the house. An outline set by a glass partition wall, the triple-height living area is the largest and most flexible part of the house. Whether for large dinner parties or more casual gatherings, the dining space holds dramatic appeal. Infused with the feeling of warmth, it has the potential for lively conversations. Natural light floods the well-designed and highly functional kitchen through large glass windows. The entry foyer and kitchen follow an open plan concept which has a large breakfast counter with an island for the entire family to sit together for breakfast. The spiral staircase located in the west with a glass block facade creates an interesting light and shadow play throughout the day. The triple-height, sky-lit living room becomes the focal point of the house where they spend most of their day. The hanging terrace has a double-height volume infused with cladding with plants. Large open white corridors connect the kids’ bedroom and guest bedroom. Ultimately architecture is the background to the life that goes on within. With the Seventy, we have hoped to provide comfortable and homely yet highly modern and chic housing.



Plot Area: 10,000 Sq.ft
Built Area: 15,000 Sq.ft.

Principal Architect: Love Choudhary

Design Team:
Arushi Bansal
Deepak Dutt

Site Supervisor:
Krishna Sharma