When it comes to designing a cultural center for sports, Whereas Zurkhaneh sports has been an essential part of the culture of the Iranian people in the past, this should be considered in the design process. This building is an academy for Iran Traditional sport, that held in many places, and athletes express their power and balance, consequently, these two qualities must be shown in concept. The cube was a holy symbol in Iranian architecture from thousands of years ago, therefor a simple cube had been chosen as the base figure of this structure. The aim of this modern layout was to remind people of the meaning, culture, and also the form of Zurkhaneh, which is located in the center of the central courtyard in its traditional form, Which is going down into the ground. Cultural center enclasped that and established in the surrounding. Classes, restaurant, library, as well as a gallery are components of this complex. Confidentiality is an important component in Iranian architecture, in this project the shell and the form are providing this value. The raising of height in the left and right wings supplied a sense of Inviting for users at the only entrance. some modern sunshades have been set as friendly spaces to increase social interaction. The other mentionable quality is two different stairs which provide restaurant's users an opportunity to use the service directly and office staffs also can use their own path. in addition, the amphitheater has a different entrance from the complex.



This was an academic project for University

Sara Omid Shafiei