The Archpoint bureau, specialising in the design of public spaces, has created the interior for the dental clinic “Generation Family Dentistry”. The result reminds a museum of modern art, where the dental chairs are exhibited as art objects.

Through a transparent street window, one can see an elongated hall with a reception desk and a plywood sculpture of a tooth. The entire wall on the opposite side from the glass consists of broken non-parallel lines, creating the feeling that the clinic was built in the near future.

A children's playground is organized in the lobby to entertain young visitors. It is concentrated around an installation in the shape of a tooth that is made of plywood sheets. The latter ones can be used as shelves, to put toys and books. The gum-like plinth has special boxes installed for storing toys. Next to the tooth, in the “hole” from the missing baby tooth, there is a pool with soft coloured cubes. Above the tooth, there are hanging lamps in the form of clouds. Facing the pool, a grooved board with two-colour pins is installed on the wall, which is a toy to help children develop fine motor skills.

The lobby has a second waiting area, for adults, with soft furniture of vivid colours from the Spanish factory “Sancal”. As a background to the furniture, there is another grooved board that accommodates the succulent plants of soft pastel shades. Staircase, reception desk, and the walls are all made with broken geometric shapes. The ceilings in the corridors are decorated with curved light profiles giving a soft decorative light. The numbers on the plates that decorate dental rooms associatively resemble the strokes of toothpaste squeezed out of a tube.



Area: 352 sq m

Authors: ARCHPOINT Bureau - Valery Lizunov, Ekaterina Ageeva, Sona Gamzyan
Photo: Olga Melekestseva