One of the main aspects of the concept of residential complex "Spectrum" was to create a high-quality community, with the interest to spend time together with neighbors. The main idea is an open urban block from detached 7 - 9 story buildings with pedestrian yards closed from cars. In the courtyard between the islands with the landscape located pedestrian paths that also serve as a bicycle path. The peculiarity of the building plot was ground level difference of 5-6 meters. We used this terrain feature to create private, fenced terraces on the ground floors, hidden from people passing by. The sloping roof with a diagonal ridge creates an unusual silhouette, forms the area’s signature and makes the quarter unique. Some apartments on the upper floors are split-level, others with a mezzanine that creates interesting and unusual living spaces.



Architecture: Archimatika
Project type: Residential complex
Timeline: 2014 - 2019
Status: Realised
Total space: 29 700 sq.m
Location: 25 Kostroma St, Rivne City, Ukraine

Aleksandr Popov, Dmytro Vasyliev, Rustam Horpeniuk, Volodymyr Hnatiienko, Artem Dodonov, Yevheniia Sychuhova, Oleksandr Stolovyi, Varvara Bebeshko, Maxim Bosenko, Olga Limarenko, Marina Gerasimenko, Andrii Cherkasov, Zhanna Rzhanova, Anton Boiko