In the northeast of Masjid al-Haram and 4 kilometers away, Jabal al-Nur is located, Which is witnessing a high density of people, being one of the historical areas frequented by Muslims. It is named after the appearance of the lights of prophecy in it.

The project located in Makkah, Jabal-al-Noor (Mountain of Light) which is ranked as the world's largest cultural heritage place for religious visits, wherefore if the quarter of Muslims wished and planned to visit it, then its improvement and development becomes a prerequisite, and would be required to sustain it. Accordingly, Mountain of Light has classed as one of the most uphill sites in the area due to the difficulty to climb the mountain by visitors, which makes seeing the cave difficult for some; such as the elderly who cannot complete the way up. Even though risks of fall threaten the lives of the Mount of Light climbers; it has failed in preventing them from climbing, on the contrary Al-Haj is keen to visit it and reach the top of it. The immediate necessity for protection and suitable monitoring of the site in Saudi Arabia lead to initiate various design strategies to ensure a sustainable growth in the future. Therefore, this project will produce the solution for all of the design issues in an efficient manner.

The project is primarily aimed at presenting the Prophet's biography and Islamic teachings excitingly and interestingly that provides psychological and environmental comfort for visitors. Secondly, it is an educational space where this project aims to connect Muslims from all over the world. The project seeks to develop the Islamic historical background, including the rehabilitation of the site and open it to visitors and educate visitors in its historical role, and inform them of the correct information and avoid acts contrary to the Islamic faith.



* Project Location: Ghar Hira, Jabal-e-noor, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

* Site’s historical importance: The beginning of the call to Islam came when the revelation land to the Prophet - peace be upon him - in the cave of Hira in Jabal al-Nur, one of Mecca's mountains where the custom of the Prophet worship in this cave; The Mountain of Light was the first place on earth to embrace the meeting of the Secretary of Heaven with the Secretary of the Earth in order to communicate the eternal message of God.

* Project Type : Visitor Center

* The project contains :
1-Cultural Zone include:
A) Exhibitions
B) Theater
C) Negotiation zone
2-Educational Zone with outdoor workshops include:
A) Library
B) Classroom
3-Religious Zone include:
A) Mosque
4-Spiritual Zone include:
A) Meditation area
B) Ghar Hira
5-Coffee shop and restaurant
* Total area of the project:18000 sq.m

Designer; Shahad Al-Naami
Supervisor; Dr. Mohamed Fekry


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