Kampala is a city that is also the capital city of the East African country Uganda. Located in the Central region of the country, the city is also the largest city in Uganda.It has a rapidly growing population that is estimated at 6,709,900 people in 2019 by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.
Social life of the city is very dynamic. There is a movement that does not stop for 24 hours. Instead of designing a rectangular building, a dynamic design in which different levels are associated with each other to emphasizing dynamic city life on the new headquarters.
Building identity is defined by the roof! The building starts as 1 floor in two opposite directions and reaches 3 floors in the middle of the building.On the sloping surface of the building, which rises from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor, terraces that open to the outside on each floor are designed.In the middle part, where the building reaches 3 times height, a transition is provided that connects the two ends with 3 curved movements. This rhythmic movement places a special emphasis on the entrance of the building. The façade of the building was formed with vertical elements, indirect solar intake of the interior spaces was provided in the hot weather conditions of Uganda. Thanks to the retraction of the facade, a more sustainable design in terms of energy consumption has been achieved. The roof of the building has become a 5th facade due to the designed slope. Covering the roof and facade with standing seam metal cladding as a single material creates architectural integrity between the roof and the facades.


Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Facade: Standing Seam Metal Cladding

Selim Senin


WALL Corporation

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