The task of the project was to design a social office with a public reception of the mayor in Mariupol.
The creation of social offices is a transition to new models of providing social services for the population in Ukraine. Their occurrence is primarily associated with the need to move from an outdated model of the provision of social services and the need to improve their quality. As a result, it will make it possible to conveniently resolve all issues in a single space such as the appointment and payment of social benefits, subsidies, compensations and providing favorable conditions serving people with disabilities.
Mariupol is a large Ukrainian city on the coast of the Sea of Azov. It is an important center of metallurgy and one of the largest commercial ports in the country. The city was founded by the Greeks and it is historically multi-national. Heavy industry here coexists with sea recreation.
The project includes a combination of following functions: the administrative services center, the city hall and an inclusive conference hall. The building has a rectangular shape in plan. This form is the result of the surrounding buildings context analysis in which the design area is located (dialogue of the designed office with the existing five-storey buildings of the quarter).
The volume of the building was divided into three blocks to highlight on the main entrance. The central block was conceived as the atrium. The other two parts have horizontal connections between them through the volume of the central transparent block. The glass part of the building serves as a visual bridge between the street pedestrians and the natural environment of the park behind the designed building.
The city's identity was reconsidered and implemented in the facade of the building as "steel waves" of the solar shading and noise protection systems.



Twisted metal stripes were designed on the facade with a length of two floors (second and third) to achieve the uniqueness of the designed building with the reflection of the city context. As Mariupol is a port city and an important center of metallurgy, such designed elements create the effect of waves movement of the Sea of Azov when a car or pedestrian is passing by. In addition, the strips serve to protect the building from the sun and also act as an acoustic barrier against noise coming from the street. Another feature is the use of inflatable rescue devices for the evacuation of low mobility groups, which are arranged on the terrace on the side of the park. Framework structural system consists of metal bearing constructions.

Zosim Stanislav, Chesnokova Taisiya, Slobodianik Oleksandr, Bondar Anna, Tryhub Angelika
Curator- PhD in Architecture, Assoc. Prof. Taras Rudenko