Diba Commercial Building, designed by Studio Eiraji (Javad Eiraji and Nilufar Rezaei), is the name of the project which was suggested by the board of directors of Diba commercial building. This building was designed in the heart of the city and near old bazar of Tehran. The main purpose on this project was façade design and new suggestions for the old building. The site position of the project is in the old part of the city near bazar. The location is full of traditional buildings of Qajar and Pahlavi period. So the goal of the design is to have a combination of the tradition and modernity in elevation design of this project.



The Layer-Method is the name of the suggested method which was created. An old building with new modern layers like belts around it with Islamic traditional motives and forms can be founded among the old brick-made buildings. Traditional ornamentations with curve modern forms create the elevation. A roof garden and balcony with the usage of café is suggested in this building and with the aim of sustainability the green spaces have been added to design process of the façade. Sense of invitation and usage of new technologies and constructions are some other factors of this project.

*General Information
Project Name: Diba Commercial Building
Architecture Firm: Studio Eiraji
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
Firm Location: No. 17, 10th St. Chamran St., Punak, Tehran, Iran
Project location: Saadi St., Tehran, Iran

Lead Architects: Javad Eiraji
Lead Architects e-mail: [email protected]

*Media Provider
Renderings credits: Javad Eiraji, Nilufar Rezaei

Additional Credits
Design Team: Javad Eiraji, Nilufar Rezaei, Derya Mert
Clients: Board of Directors, Diba Commercial Building
Engineering: Derya Mert
Landscape: Nilufar Rezaei