Kunshan Government Affairs Service Centre consists of four towers and a podium, with a total area of 102,000 sqm. It accommodates over 20 municipal offices, and provides a whole range of one-stop services including livelihood, social insurance, taxation, public security, border entry, public resource exchange, investment and development, market entry, general administration, and etc.
Since the project’s inception in 2009 and the interior design’s involvement in 2011 at the end of the architectural schematic design, years have passed and the project has experienced a number of changes including state policy, re-positioning of city’s general administration, functional adjustment, and implementation of new building code.
The designer’s retrospect has since departed from the initial main body of design, and shifted to the decision-making, motivation, guiding, and integration between the city administrators of the public functions, the civic spaces, and the people who are served, under the backdrop of this changing era. Attention will also be given to the sense of pleasure and respect the users receive, and the city life which is enlivened by civic activities.