Vacation with Nature, A Hotel Resort in Cox's Bazaar

Cox’s Bazar is a major tourist attraction site in Bangladesh attracting millions of visitors every year. In the winter of 2010, an average of more than 150,000 visitors per day visited Cox’s Bazar (source: The Daily Star, March 7, 2013) and recently the amount increased about 500000 visitors per year. In response to the increasing demand from tourists a number of hotels and motels have started to be set out and are operating in Cox’s Bazar. However, out of these only a few hotels are contextual and climate responsive. BPC is the ministry that looks upon the tourism department of Bangladesh. They a land of around 6 acres which is near to the beach. The main of that resort hotel to provide the best option in the context along with climate-responsive which will play a tremendous role in the economy in the local as well as national GDP. And that will create a hope that will to obtain sustainability in the nearest position of the sea and help the visitor to get the maximum recreational facility on their vacation trip or commercial trip.

Cox’s Bazar is the natural longest beach in the world with an unbroken length of 120 km. which is the main attraction of tourism not only to the people of this country as well as all across the globe. This fact confirms that a lot of hotels have been growing up surrounding Cox’s Bazar and many of whose are in the construction period. Designing a resort hotel requires a lot of study along with a strategic process. Amplifying the knowledge of standard can provide the best understanding of designing a resort hotel with site analysis alongside some local and international case studies. While creating the list of programs that have helped to understand the relationship between all the programs. Although there are a good number of visitors every build should be responsive to the climate as well as with the context and sustainability. To provide the best facility along with harvesting natural resources I like to make some terrace which will help that building form to renew energy from rain and wind as well as the vegetation. Rainwater harvesting and the wind flowing over the terrace helps to be more energy-efficient and helping them as using feck that can be used as the most demanding beautiful sunset. Again there are three internal court which have been used for swimming pool, BBQ space; Exhibition and outdoor lobby. Again there is also an infinity pool at the top of the hotel along with a special outdoor restaurant from where one can see the beach and airport, as well as the hill, surround the context. There is also a semi-outdoor cafe lounge on the 5th floor that serves the people to view the mighty beach at a glance with some kind of relaxation. The main theme was obtaining sustainability with the consideration of context and providing the best option for the visitor in the aim of tourism or commercial purpose but that will provide a different feeling with a new perspective in the hospitality department.



The open terrace will work as rainwater harvesting, vegetation, and as the tourist come in winter so the vegetation will help in dropping the microclimate temperature that will limit energy consumption. The three terraces will increase the quality of space as they will use for various purposes. The main aim of the project to gain sustainability thinking about the context and provide the best to its consumers. The building has the thermal insulator which will save energy consumption also providing triple-layer krypton loaded glass which also uses an energy consumption. Also providing the green buffer will create the environment friendly and less carbon while also create less humidity which is a great problem in such a tropical climate. With geothermal the project itself gain closure to net-zero building. also providing the strategy of thin-film solar collection of energy from the sun. With all the measures have been taken for the best output to its context and nature.



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