Laid across the southern perimeter of an irregular shaped 14000 sq.m. plot in Jabalpur city in India the design creates a large playground and landscaped space in the northern side.
In response to the hot arid climate of the region with temperatures in excess of 30 deg. Celsius for 8 months of the year whilst the sun is in the southern hemisphere, all the classrooms and other facilities are north oriented resulting in minimized heat gain and indirect northern light to the internal spaces.
This large academic institute is fragmented into a series of built spaces interspersed with sheltered landscaped open ones.
A single curvilinear main spine traverses the length of the building with branches leading to the individual blocks of educational spaces.
Each room is completely cross ventilated with large openings on the northern side and high ventilators on the southern side. The circulation spaces too are cross ventilated. The infusion of landscaped courtyards within the layout facilitates wind tunnels thereby increasing the wind flow within the building.
The entire academic institute will be naturally ventilated throughout the year without any air – conditioning making the building energy efficient and reducing the carbon footprint. Natural light will permeate the internal spaces throughout the day minimizing the need of artificial lighting.
To be built in locally available brick predominantly along with concrete, the fragmentation of the built spaces and the interspersed gardens create a dynamic layout constantly changing perception of the spaces throughout the day and year.
Large open areas sheltered from the harsh climate allow students to experience a variety of interaction spaces.
Designed contextually taking cognizance of the climate, the institute simultaneously responds to the client’s brief of creating an economical building with a sustainable solution.
Site Area: 3.45 acres
Built Up Area: 37,512 sq.ft.
Total No. Of Units:
- 48 - 60 seater Regular Classrooms
- 8 - 80+ seater Large Classrooms
- 6 - 150+ seater Seminar Hall
- Entrance Hall, Dean Offices and Departmental Offices





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