CNB Market: Change n Build

CNB (change n build) is an idea to change our lifestyle and future Public Market space. A concept that connects sustainable lifestyle to create sustainable workshop-oriented market space to address the climate change in our environment.
Here the idea of creating an APP. is developed to use the potential of the digital world today we live in to change our future living. The APP. CNB creates a partnership and mutual relationship with various
Sustainable APPs. that help promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Each partner is unique and addresses the
Issue of our daily human activity that is adding up to climate change, to provide an alternate way to do the same activity in a sustainable and Eco-friendly manner.
Hereby becoming the member of CNB community a person subscribes to our sustainable lifestyle partners to change for better future while provide an opportunity to have an affordable social living space to live by the council. The existing linear economy system is revisited and the idea of circular economy is promoted that helps reducing and wasting of resources that are effecting our
The APP. is built on three principals of lifestyle that are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. By reducing the consumption, wastage, inefficiency, and usage of various elements while reusing the resources already produced and discarded and creating a recycling system of knowledge that promotes sustainable
Through Reclaiming parking lots within the city wherein future we do not need cars in the city
Center just electric cars parked at the park and ride and using the potential of railway network the idea of reusing discarded products is been promoted to make the system circular.
CNB Market is public workshop-oriented space where people come together to initiate their focus of sustainable lifestyle. It consists of five clusters that are focused on our way of living like traveling, food waste, reusing old stuff, green environment and SDG (Sustainable development goals) to make our future sustainable and eco-friendly.