Interior of the Metropolo hotel in Cracow surprises with a sophisticated elegance and a harmonious combination of Chinese art deco and European design. Mix of cultures, an innovative look at common parts and balanced eclecticism – this project could not go wrong.

More than a hotel
The investor wanted the hotel to become a space for people who know what they want, who require something more than the usual place where they will stay on the road.
The project was meant to be the answer for expectations of the most demanding guests and reflect the phrase: Do – dare – dream. Designed with the typical Tremend momentum, the space is to reflect the brand’s philosophy and be the complement to the highest quality service standards.

-This is another hotel from the Louvre Hotels group. The concept was created for guests who are curious about new solutions, but also appreciate comfort – both for those who come to relax and those who will visit Metropolo in connection with a business trip. We wanted to introduce a new kind of hospitality: inspired by the culture of China and enlivened by a modern cosmopolitan approach. As a tribute to Chinese values of harmony and pleasure. Metropolo combines without compromise what is the best of 2 hotel cultures: passion for innovation, craftsmanship and attention to detail. From check-in to check-out, Metropolo will delight travellers, regardless of their origin. Chinese guests will rediscover their culture, maintaining a sense of security. Travellers from Europe, eager for new experiences will discover a completely new lifestyle, inspired by the culture of the Middle Kingdom – explains Adam Konieczny, director of network development at the Louvre Hotels Group.

Tremend speaks Chinese!
-We wanted this space to be unique, so that we could feel unprecedented hospitality here – for example, at the reception there is a place where you can taste Chinese tea. We took care to respond to the expectations of visitors, both from Europe and China. The somewhat exotic aesthetic of Chinese art deco penetrates here with European design in a natural and unforced way. The main decorative accents here are gilded cages.
The character is added by elegant furniture and lighting as well as details – a Chinese mosaic, mirrors or a decorative chandelier. Harmonious space will help to find the key to balance, even in the heart of the city – explains architect Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, President of the Management Board of Tremend.

Design that inspires
The common areas have been arranged in such a way as to promote networking – large tables and comfortable chairs encourage people to celebrate meals together. Care was also taken for zones dedicated to private conversations – to this end, separate cavities in which you can meet with a cup of tea were created. There is also a public area intended for work. In such an inspiring space, many unique projects will surely be born.

Photography by Tom Kurek

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