A place for peace.
A light-filled rectangular cube that drowns humans inside. The contrast of darkness and light, black and white, ugliness and beauty in God's place. Light is a symbol of arousing a sense of spirituality, liberation and separation from the material world. Light deepens the chapel space. The entrance of light from the front also adds to the power of this sacred place.
Existence of materials that show purity and integrity in the environment. This chapel is a symbol of the existence of a religious community that brings people together. Simple and without ornamentation reflects in this chapel it's purity and integrity.
Impressive entrance, centrality, attention to the front, inner purity, spiritual peace have been the ideas of the formation of this chapel.
The use of native materials in the interior design of this church is an important factor.
The use of wood has a good relationship with its environment, depending on the location of the chapel. And the vertical sticks inside the chapel, like the trees in the forest, enrich the interior.
The importance of the chapel led to the design using concrete, which helps to keep the building strong and stable.
The white color in the interior also attached importance to the purity of the chapel.

and at the end:
- Light in space.
- The importance of God's position.
- Look straight ahead.
- Solidarity and friendship.
- Use of native materials.
- Significant input.
- Inner purity.
- Spiritual peace.
- Use the least available space.



Location: Miranda del Castañar, Salamanca, Spain.
Area: 390 (Square meters).
Miranda del Castañar is a municipality located in the province of Salamanca, Castile and León, Spain. As of 2016 the municipality has a population of 426 inhabitants. The town of Miranda del Castañar is labeled "Historic-Artistic Grouping" for being part of the Spanish national system of heritage listing.

Architect: Sepehr Sadeghi
Associates: Sepehr Sadeghi - Aida Shirazi

Peace Chapel by Sepehr Sadeghi in Spain won the WA Award Cycle 34. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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