Eternal summer with a lot of fun and dancing — this is how you can describe the atmosphere of the new Moscow bar Apr.l on Bolshaya Tatarskaya street. The bright name is the basic part of the concept. The main drink on the menu is the popular summer aperitif. Moreover, knowledgeable party-goers come here for author's cuisine, a trendy location in Instagram stories and a solar vibe, which Archpoint’s architects so carefully created.

The bar is located in a five-story building on the top floor. You can sight the fiesta from the outside by the bright light of the dancefloor in the panoramic window. Window becomes the main source of naturally lighting by day and opens a great view of Zamoskvorechye district, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and skyscrapers Moscow City.

The space inside is designed in the style of pop art. A lot of plants, neon signs, a mix of different colors and large art objects transfer us to the bright picture of Warhol, where the artist did not skimp on ripe orange tones. The summer theme is supported by its main attributes. There are striped mattresses on the windowsills and a beach area with sunbeds behind the DJ's desk. Inclusions of Asian design are present also on the menu. Everything from bruschettas and salads to hot dishes and desserts looks bright and very tasty.

The architects said that such a rich interior required a wow effect. It was ensured with a floating statue of David under the ceiling. The famous sculpture was given the movement of a swimmer, but at the same time retained it’s recognizable plasticity. The sculptor Denis Stritovich changed not only the pose of the new David. He also used modern plastic and printed fragments of the statue on a 3D printer. Antique style ironically support the bronze parts of the body in the restrooms' interior.

Unexpected decisions are a kind of visiting card of the project. Steam fireplaces located along the bar became part of the performance: the guest needs to put his hand through the fire to take a glass. The bar was made slightly understated so that it was more convenient for visitors to communicate with the bartenders and see everything that was happening on the other side.

Black and orange chairs are also functional. They are equipped with hangers and shelves for bags. These chairs and tables made of ceramic granite were created according to Archpoint's original drawings. Among the characteristic details in the interior there are concrete sun loungers and a table of the Swiss Swisspearl factory with decor and accessories from the Seletti and Pols Potten factories.



Area: 170 m2

Authors: Bureau ARCHPOINT - Valery Lizunov, Ekaterina Ageeva, Alina Stein
Photo: Olga Melekestseva