The project for Cantina La No. 20 was developed in a space divided in two levels, formed mainly by four areas, with a total of 323 sq. m. In the ground level the interior was defined for the diners —separating non smokers from those who do have the habit— considering a direct communication with the terrace, kitchen and services.

To achieve the same level both for the diner’s area as well as the kitchen, because in this last one the elevation is necessary for the sanitary and hydraulic fixtures, all the ground level was raised 18 cm above the finished floor of the mall thus reaching functionality in all the areas.

The access of the restaurant is located in main façade where is the terrace, adjacent to the shopping center corridor. As it is situated outdoors a metallic structure with glass top pergola was designed to protect from the rain and make the most of the wonderful weather throughout the year.

It also has a ramp to fulfill the accessible for all standard that leads to a small hall connecting the two diners’ areas, bathrooms and kitchen. On this level the beverage bar is located next to the smoker’s area —placed on the left edge of the floor plan— and the terrace generating a connection between the zones to give service to the whole restaurant.

The kitchen is located in the back using a 188 sq. m area that has direct connection and independent access to the service corridor of the shopping center for the comfort and efficiency of the providers and employees of the restaurant. The preparation and cooking area are next to the diner´s one so they can enjoy the creation of the dishes.



Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos