In the post-80 interior design circle in China, there is an interior designer with great recognition. As the similar image and character of panda, he is affectionately called "panda daddy" - Lin Jiacheng.

Lin keeps focusing on creating wonderful living environment with childlike enthusiasm all the time, enabling himself to grow from a junior designer knowing nothing of design, to a copartner establishing PANDA brand with Mr. Cui Shu, who is a well-known designer in the circle.

Recently he designed the PANDA office for the team personally, which is not only a conclusion of his past 10 years’ work in design, but also a beginning of a new starting point. He steps close to the residential buildings along the streets rather than the skyscrapers to sense the city, and conse-quently an inspiration stemming from the wandering occupies his mind.

In order to let employees work in a refreshing environment and take working everyday as motiva-tion instead of burden, Lin decides to use Efficient Collaboration, Mass Storage, Natural Relaxa-tion and Graceful Curve as key points of design after going through countless times of thought im-pingement, deconstruction and reorganization.

The space plane is L-shaped. Lin hides all the space-needed irregular functional areas such as bath-room and water bar, leaving office with the biggest stage.

Antoni Gaudí once said,” Straight lines belong to human, while curves belong to god.” Lin focuses on the Chinese parent-child space design. He designed his office with curve element, which is mostly used in daily, to create a mild and powerful atmosphere.

At the same time, the application with two lines of S-shaped curves can divide the work area into different dimensions, breaking the rigid pattern of the space.

The interesting office tables are made of ultrathin steel plate and supported by semi-circular pier, naturally forms a small area of different working attributes, and each connecting area is the stage for thinking collision.

The S-shaped chandelier made with 108 LED lights, which is following the path of the office ta-bles, has divided the space again and made the low floor height to different visual perception.

"Design is not about a person. It’s about a whole team." For a design team, a diversified office is necessary for multi-role communication across teams, coordination work in different places, or even brainstorming at any time.

Massive reading in the traditional cubicle always makes the designers fell the space is narrow and depressive, and they are in badly need of emotional release.

Because the large area of curved tables does not block the distance between partners, everyone gets timely attention and feedback.

There is no more extra space in this endless white space except the working area. Lin emphasizes the mobility of space with constructivism and focuses on his creation, hoping to give extremely play to his flow of energy efficiency.

In the creation of new experience space, the function of storage can be hidden in the white cabinet in order to implement the most effective classification and collection.

The cabinet door, which has not only connected the attribute of administrative space of top and bot-tom, but also formed the elaborately sense of layer in the space with warm color oak wallboard, is the white blackboard paint lacquer face that is full of gradually dot.

Lin considers that the relationship in the design team today is a cooperative partnership. They spent more time to work together every day than be with their families. In order to produce soothing de-signs together, Lin thinks that the design team also need the cohesion of each person like a family.

About the designer

Lin Jiacheng, who was born in 1984 in Fujian, is an interior designer. His lovely and honest image makes the media call him "panda daddy" affectionately. He is both head of Zhangzhou Mingju Decoration Design Co., Ltd. and co-sponsor of PANDA brand. As a post-80s master in the field of space design for children, he is the designer of AYOU CULTURE, which is the most influential brand of China's Preschool Education. Moreover, he is the first designer to integrate the parenting philosophy of Professor Wassilios Emmanuel Fthenakis, who is known as "Father of Early Educa-tion in German", into Chinese children's space design, helping AYOU win the praise of the indus-try in China and Germany.

With his pure heart, outstanding aesthetic accomplishment and solid foundation of design, Lin cre-ates classic designs including Mengbao Parent-Child Restaurant, Yingyue-Huayuan Earth Acade-my and Xiamen Qingyou Cultural and Creative Shop, and provides Chinese children with numer-ous of amazing kindergarten, early childhood education institutions, libraries and other children's commercial spaces. Lin’s works have won special glories of A'design from Italy, SBID from Brit-ain, Design Star of China, etc..

PANDA Design Co., Ltd., which is jointly founded by Lin and the post-80s representative of space design, Cui Shu, is a team committed to space design for children. They focus on designs of children’s commercial space including kindergarten, parent-child restaurant, library, playground, etc..

PANDA‘s design shows respect for children. It introduces the most scientific and innovative early education system from Germany. With natural and environmental friendly materials and top-ranking design team, PANDA works on creating a healthy and happy environment for children to grow up. With both international vision and local experience, PANDA sets maximizing the inter-ests of customers and social education as its goal, striving to offer customers innovative and di-verse scheme and valuable architectural design solution. These enable PANDA to receive attention from media and gain reputation from all over the world.



General Information
Project name: CUN PANDA
Architecture Firm: PANDA Design Co., Ltd.,
Contact e-mail:[email protected]
Completion Year:2019
Gross Built Area: 200m²
Project location: Fujian, China

Media Provider
Photo credits: GL YANG
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Lead Architects: Lin Jiacheng
Design Team: PANDA Design Team
Project planning: LELE Brand Studio