An approach towards healing stresses by learning and practicing art, music, and yoga. Art, music, and yoga provide healing and therapy for undefined and most often unseen ailments. Establishing such centers that focus on healing people’s mental health with alternative solutions other than medicine in Jeddah, will add many valuable aspects which will help to make the community better to serve their city, as well as having it as a destination where people can grow to make improvements in their society. It will also contribute positively to society with all levels and approaches, and this follows the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia.

1- Art center zone
This part of the center will be supported by studios for different types of artworks. Rooms for exhibiting the users work in case of events.

2- Music center zone
This part will have one big hall for performances, various rooms either for individual or group learning, as well as studios for recording voices. The classrooms are going to be overlooking the courtyard which will provide the spaces with natural daylight and natural ventilation.

3- Yoga center zone
The yoga center will have spaces that are naturally ventilated, natural daylight is provided, and integrated with nature to help to serve the function of the spaces. It will include the main yoga space with its support services and few lounges.

4- Shared interactive zone
All three zones are going to be separated but connected with a common space that includes lounges, restaurants, and socializing areas.

Empowering the individuals and the community through Promoting a safe, sustainable center that heals, fulfills people’s needs. These needs can be fulfilled by providing services and programs supporting physical, intellectual, emotional development that leads to a successful society.

- To support emotional healing by providing a variety of activities.
Cultural and educational
- To create a society where all people have access to a unique social, emotional, intellectual benefits.
- To allow people to grow musically, socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually
- To provide a biophilic design process to create a healing environment.
- To let the environment act as the main character by providing spaces that are integrated with nature.
- To allow integration between people in the community.
- To provide a healthy and balanced lifestyle by encouraging sports and athletic activities following the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia.

Concept and philosophy
The project is intended to be a place where people can take their stresses away through art, music, and yoga. It also focuses on serving the whole person (mind, soul, and body) which is also known as “Compassionate care”.
Compassionate Care :
A unique framework which offers an approach to design that considers elements of humanity, sensuality and sustainability and how they might produce a more meaningful, thoughtful and intense spiritual experience of a place



Site location: Al-Shati district, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Raneem Mohsen Alamoudi
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mohamad kashef.


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