Learn. Work. Grow.

A space built for entrepreneurs and startups that is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Where users from different backgrounds and expertise can come to meet, interact, and exchange knowledge. Therefore, creating a building that is iconic in order to attract all spectrums, while giving them the functional and relaxing spaces that serves their need, with the optimum environment of comfort and productivity.

The location was chosen based on the Center of Gravity method, and the building itself is acting as an Interactive Connector that is joining the detached parts of the community together, by celebrating the differences between the community to reach the state of harmony within a dynamic atmosphere. Which is reflected back on the mass generation story, starting from the rigid basic form which reflects the community now, and applying the subtraction process to add the dynamism to the mass.

The decision of making a change or impact will need the courage to take the steps although it might look difficult and complex, which will be represented on the main circular stairs leading to the center of the mass.

The users will get the spaces to work and learn, with a variety of sizes and privacy adapted with the need. The lower and the upper part is the public common mass that is celebrating the variety of minds where all work together in an open environment. Where the levels in-between are dedicated to more specific and private working and learning aspects.

The SeedSpace is connected to a future mass which will be the formal office building for all seeds to complete its journey, in order to stabilize their ideas and business that have been created in the SeedSpace. The whole scenario of growing is ready for you!



Designed by: Dania Soror
Supervised by: Dr. Mohammed Fekry


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