Jeddah Nostalgia
One of a kind amusement center that evokes the nostalgic feeling to the end of the previous millennium, This highly anticipated attraction area will add much value to Jeddah waterfront project as well as to jeddah’s nightlife experience. The interactive and immersive experiences, games, food, and retail offerings, forms a massive attraction point in Jeddah.
Entertainment has become a buzzword of the new millennium. People today are not just interested in buying things. They want an experience, adding that the keys to providing successful experiences are authenticity, fun and participation.

Entertainment zone :
is a wide set of entertaining activities the evokes the nostalgic feeling to the previous millennium.
- Arcade games
- Neon Museum
- Roller Skating
- Fair games

-Shopping Zone: provides the adequate spaces for business holders and entrepreneurs to display their products.
-Leisure: could be referred to as restaurants, cafes zone. and self treat zones.

This zone is specialized in its ability to adapting various events such as: weekly talks, meetings, workshops, and lectures.



Selected Site: Al Kornaysh, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Area of: 25,000 sqrm
Connects between Jeddah waterfront and Hilton Walk. Located near by existing and under construction towers. Accessible from All sides.Direct Pedestrian Crossing point.

Site selection Criteria:
- Pedestrian Connectivity
- Accessibility
- Competition
- Demographics

Concept Statement
Social networks and personal histories contribute to stronger senses of places. Memory, emotion and personal connection are ways that individuals connect with one’s roots and feelings of home. This sense of “looking back” or remembering the past is referred to as nostalgia .

Jeddah in the first millennium:
After demolishing the city gate in 1948 Jeddah started its journey in modernization. along with the Oil boom and the industrial revolution, The city continued to grow, expand, and develop architecturally, socially, and culturally.
The city was welcoming tourists, pilgrims and consultants from all over the world, This in-fact played a major role in shaping the city today. The interest in cars, gas stations, advertising, fast food, restaurants, and brands was in its peak. This in-fact affected the image of the city and the design practices at the time.

Korniche (Jeddah red sea Waterfront):
In our planning and philosophy; the korniche is a social phenomenon where art meets with architecture and engineering through hundreds of sculptures, abstract artwork and art pieces.

Wed Wael Al Yamani
Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Fekry El-Gendy


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