Consumption & Hierarchy

Cities have became a meta. Money is the key point of this continuous system. The distance between rich and poor people is not only as a observable fact it is also a symbol for government and powerfull sides who has a right to decide city’s future. In urban context this consumption relations creates a people crowd that are getting closer each other and have to live together because of economical reasons. On the other hand it also creates a wide distance between other groups especially poor & rich site. This consumption relations also could explain as power of control.

City & Become Homogeneuos

The processes shaped by power and consumption relations forms continous homogenous urban scapes in which urban experience acting within a routine lack of ‘event’, in which urban dweller is obliged to be a consumer. This powerfull sides assume people with their property relations ,they are condidered as their occupations on land. This homogeneous relations, in city scape and among people, encorage societies that only care about rationality of people not their individuality.

Globalization & Speed

Globalization as a dominant idea ,today, has influenced structure and function of the cities.Cities are spatial manifestations of socio- economic systems governing the citizens. These systems make dialectic relationships between form and function of city and bring it about a continuous dynamism. This dynamisim affects body and space relationship as losing belonging to it. People who has power on crowds use this system as a tool for directing them.

Become a Part of System

This power and consumption relations creates crowd of people that has no individual identitity and feels like a part of this system that has to be... They lose the sence of being free. All bodies stuck in simultanious lives. This consumption machine transform people as an input of the system not the decion-maker.All of these well known thought, can we see ourselves as a independent individuals?

Can we decide the future of our cities especially OURSELVES ?

Individuality and lonelines situation also rebound in space. This questionless situation make distance bigger between their perception of quality spaces. Space and body are two terms that affects and effected by each other. This being stuck situation should broke in some points...


FREEZONE are used by people who are part of a continuously changing society. FREEZONES could remake society.Society that consist in a hierarchy, policy and economy could not be independent to make decitions. So this freezone contain a heterarchical regulation. People all could contirbute the FREEZON as an ACTIVE INPUT. Differentiation brings society freedom . Heterarchical system is using in FREEZONE, in the hierarchical city. It is a space that creates DISORDER in ORDER. All people, groups, non-govermental organizations could give a speech in Freezone. There are lots of Speaker’s Corners for people who has a word to say in totally freely way. Everybody could make a discussion on centre of frezone in Free Speech Forum. It is locatred on the middle of aegean sea- İzmir gulf. Thus it is visible from all over the city and invites people. Not only speeches but also, the ideas and knowledge produce in Freezone. It is a cenre for awaking, questioning and revolting.

Parazite Zones

Parasite zones are micro free-zones in some respects that feed the free-zone movement. Citizens develop this parasite zones as resistance movements under the provocations of the city’s existing potentials. In this process they discover the hidden potentials of urban areas. These zones are high tension areas in city like squares, parks, diferent urban texture thresholds etc.. And also the yellow line around the city invite people and help to realise power of people’s inside.



Selen Ozdogan

FREE-ZONE by Selen Ozdogan in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 31. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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