The city is a great art work that has its largest size and its population. (Christopher Alexander)
If you want to weigh the respect of urban managers to people, look at your furniture. (English proverb)
The purpose of urban design and its furniture is to create a creative and creative environment for people living in it.
Such an environment, in many ways, gives people freedom to choose and provides the context of creativity.
The city's atmosphere makes the most relevant connection to the people and their surroundings, and only one means to put all this in place: "Good urban facilities".
nowadays, the main problem of large tehran in two dimensions of urban movement (ride and foot)and problems of perception and behavior can be considered in urban landscape. therefore, the task is a critical role for planning, organizing, cooling and improvement of space and urban facilities to officials, managers, designers and artists. the structure of the program that can organize the city from both dimensions and movement in the city is divided into two main parts:
1. Environmental Design and Urban View: (Façade of the City)
pace, landscaping, landscaping, renovation, facde, city wall planning, planning to restore the tissues of historical, cultural, architecture and urban applications, calm the inauguration and psychological comfort of the environment.
2. furniture and urban facilities: all the requirements and furniture that are located in the city's environment and are divided into more than one hundred titles. The division of urban furniture elements in general can be introduced into four main categories:
a. Street furniture
B- furniture, park and children's playground equipment.
C- Traffic furniture (street signs and city traffic guide equipment)
d- advertising structures
the use of suitable furniture and furniture has a positive effect on citizens and consumers in urban environments. It allows people to enjoy the opportunities to meet and see urban space and even build social and verbal communication.
Importance of attention to identity and culture
from the eyesight of designers, choosing and designing suitable urban furniture makes it possible to preserve the identity of the place and make it more possible. This clash is very effective in restoring historical and historical areas. There must be a balance between the social fabric and the city space.
Relying on this established, deep - rooted social fabric, it is possible to equip the neighborhood and city in such a way as to preserve the environment and to reflect the culture of that community and place.
In fact, providing the possibility of cultural and aesthetic advantage is to honour the lives and values of civilization.
One of the important reasons in tehran is the lack of attention to the differences in urban spaces, content confined to the so - called standard and to address conceptual capacities without considering the values of urban and art aesthetics, and without considering the possibilities of production and industry, including the most basic.
The beautiful slogan of “our city is our home” becomes objectified when the citizen sees its effects in the environment. this will be done to improve the qualitative and quantitative status of projects carried out at the city level and to attract public participation in the field of maintenance, maintenance and … urban public property.
The most fundamental measure that can be approached by organizing urban furniture, the texture of the city from a qualitative view to the ideal situation: the provision of patterns, flexible and flexible criteria for improvement and development, is a smart foresight.
The principles of Iranian design:

We need to co - ordinate the important and positive aspects of design in works of architecture, landscaping, handicrafts, etc with modern methods of construction and materials and needs of the people today to meet the needs of modern life to the urban environment.
laws of design furniture and outdoor equipment
Furniture and outdoor facilities will contribute to the identity of a place by creating or refining urban spaces, so that all elements that are installed in open spaces to enhance the safety and comfort level or for the beauty of the environment are called furniture and equipment. the selection and deployment of elements of street equipment and their way of distribution across the roads is of special importance. The logical way to design furniture in these spaces is to select a set of open space equipment elements that use the same design and compatible with other elements and components, because these elements are elements of an urban system, the order and arrangement of equipment creates models, and collectively create a unique perspective on the streets and city on a wide scale.



Painted concrete.
Flexible and ultra-light solar panel.
flower box.

negar habibi
matin rostami
roya sokooti
aliakbar amrollahi

creative public furniture by aliakbar amrollahi in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 31. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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