Hanhai Luxury Condominiums is located next to Zhengzhou city’s CBD area, and it is positioned to compete in the region’s high-end residential demographic, with the goal of becoming a leader in this project type. The design looks to an amenity and feature rich project which provides a unique and luxurious environment to attract an exclusive clientele.
Hanhai Luxury Condominiums consists of 225,000sqm of built area divided up into twelve high-rise residential towers with subterranean parking, two semi-public club houses and a nine classroom kindergarten arranged around a central garden space, carefully sited for solar exposure and views of the adjacent waterway.
The residences are organized by unit size, with towers containing 90sqm, 180sqm, 220sqm, 330sqm, and 650sqm units each respectively. The club houses include amenities such as a café, tea house, gymnasiums, SPA and a pool, and retail establishments.
The club houses include amenities such as a café, tea house, gymnasiums, locker rooms and a pool, and retail establishments. The main club house will also function as the project’s sales center on an interim basis. Coupled with the kindergarten facility, these elements provide many amenities on-site and all within walking distance to the residents.
The glass and aluminum panels are designated to be finished with dark colors, the synthetic stone and plaster are designated to be in white. Material colors are selected to provide a strong contrast between the dark mass of the basic residential building forms and the light playfulness of the expressive balconies and curving building forms of the lobbies, clubhouses and kindergarten.
At the residences, the glass exterior finish extends beyond the top and bottom of any window openings to give the illusion of floor to floor glazing, broken up only by a thin band of synthetic stone at the floor line. The strong contrast between forms and the blurring of the distinction between what is solid and what is open further set the project apart from the typical.



Company Name: Archimorphic Inc, Amphibianarc Inc
Associated Design and Technical Partners: Shanghai Star Z&C Architectural Design Co., Ltd (construction drawing),
Project Name: Hanhai Luxury Condos
Project Size (surface area of new / existing construction): Land size: 65333m2/GFA: 224,622m2
Program(s): Residential
Number of units (residential category): 1,148
Date of completion of construction: Dec 1, 2017
Date of completion of design work: July 30, 2013

Nonchi Wang, Luoya Tu

Ying Tao, David Rodriguez, Dennis Roney, Charles Liu, Da- vid Van Arsdell, Kisung Nam, Brandon Vickers, Brian Skowvron, Elana Pappoff, Xiaofeng Mei, Jiarui Liu, Zhexiong Hu, Michelle Lozano, Nicholas Poulos, Carey England