a changing world requires change in architecture
The world is changing and this change affects our lives.Increasing population, reducing natural and mineral resources, destroying forests, reducing social relations, economic problems, and such problems are the problems that today's society is involved with and the same problems have transformed design into an important issue.As it is emphasized in Chinese culture, human being is a social being. In fact, we have to live together, to interact, to make economic exchange , to be friends, to make love and develop together. We need unity for a better life.



Limited sources of drinking water have always been a concern for humans. On the other hand, high air humidity has always been a disadvantage and annoying factor for humans. In the design of fences and project shields, the air humidity conversion system has been used for drinking water to eliminate this problem and threat.
On the other hand, considering the average rainfall in the area, the rainwater harvesting system is intended for irrigation of green spaces and agricultural crops planted.
Energy is one of the human needs for life. Humans in the past have hitherto been hurting nature to bury energy. The plan tries to greatly meet the energy production potential of its
Conversion of sewage to biogas is one of the ideas of energy supply in this project.
Another way to provide energy is to use solar cells. So that residents can switch some green spaces to solar cells or solar water heater.
In this way, with the help of clean and renewable energies, we provide the opportunity for life to the future.
China is an industrial country and imports a lot of raw materials, as well as a lot of material in the form of industrial waste. The more we use these materials, in addition to preserving resources and the environment, we have also helped the country's economy, along with its workshops for the people. We focused on these issues in the design of the modules.
We must turn the threats and problems into opportunity, and work to preserve and store the resources of the planet so that future generations will have the opportunity to live.

Mohsen KHeirmand Parizi , Mohsen Golriz , Mohammadhossein Rahmati , Mahdiye Vamegh , Rezvan Fathi & Mohammadreza Ghorbanifar

a Place For Being Together (Respect for nature and return to the culture of the past along with modern life) by Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi in China won the WA Award Cycle 30. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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