This project is trying to organize a process from science to intuition or from concept to building in architectural work. Every material, concept and viewer and even artist is an existence that will be alethia in phenomenologic approach within palemos. The author’s purpose in this project is to move on the path that leads to alethia of being.
This project is quantitative, so users should follow up the palemos process.
In final result within phenomenological approach through palemosological philosophy, concepts become structure by using matrix and palimpsest.
This project is nominated for concept design in “Middle East award 2014” and for “Continental Architectural Award 2018”.



Moein-Jalali- Lead Architect and Project Manager Melika-Bigdeli- Architect Abbas-Havashemi - Architect Arastoo-Jalilnezhad - Architect Javad-Jodakhanloo- Architect Arash-Tehrani- Architect Parivash-Yazdani- Architect Elham-Bahmanpour- Architect Hamed-Amini- Civil Engineer Kave-Sahami- Civil Engineer Ali-Nazmdeh- Mechanical Engineer Aras-Sheykhi- Electrical Engineer And special thanks to Ph.D Siamak Panahi