" In making for ourselves a place to live, we first spread a parasol to throw a shadow on the earth, and in the pale light of the shadow we put together a house.
J.Tanizaki - In’ei raisan.
This master thesis was aimed at studying a proposal for a flexible architecture model, that would respond differently to human needs. This model is directly influenced by the abstract concept of the umbrella and its kinetic properties. A fundamental concept of this thesis is the use of the form of the umbrella, not only as a roof but also as a floor, a unit that resembles a "double umbrella". It has a kinetic roof, with a hand activated mechanism.

This work also focuses, besides the study of the kinetic characteristics, also in finding a form that, repeatedly, will create larger spatial entities, depending on the needs. It also concludes with the construction and presentation of a 1: 5 scale model of the unit, which highlights its basic features: movement, repeatability and materiality.

project video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uukceygjlc1zzmt/FINAL.mp4?dl=0



. kinetic roof and openings
. origami based roof
. hexagonal plan - modular repeatability
. open module: 125 sq.m. - closed module: 45 sq.m.
. DIY structure
. lightweight cheap materials
. modular uses: from open-lab, bar to temporary house
. simple mechanism for the roof inside the central column
. HONEYCOMB panels

Antony Verriopoulos

UMBRELLAS - from picasso to kinetic architecture by Antony Verriopoulos in Greece won the WA Award Cycle 29. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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