The project won 1st prize at Lüleburgaz Art Academy Architectural Project
Competition organized by Lüleburgaz Municipality in 2015. Approximately 30.000 m2 project is underconstruction and it is expected that the construction will be completed in 2019.

It is the main principle to design this Art Acedemy that organizes fragmentally to prevent perception of enormous scale. First step of this approach should be explode compacted requirements and re-organize them.

Subsequently, the scenario has formed itself with potential and functions of art spaces and whole system consists of possible interface connectors such as different courtyards, gaps, squares and alternative routes to activite a myriad of experiences.

This purpose intensely reveals itself on atelier zones which is explode as pressure of piney despite humanity destroys green areas to establish cities in today's world.



Kutlu İnanç Bal, Hakan Evkaya, Cansu Dinç

LÜLEBURGAZ ART ACADEMY by KUTLU İNANÇ BAL in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 30. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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