Norr is a series of type houses informed by the Nordic climate and the Scandinavian lifestyle, houses with character that make themselves natural in whatever environment they are placed. The series are developed for and in collaboration with

This project is one of theese type houses, called Välv.

Välv is based on two simple geometric shapes; the rectangle and the arch, which when they meet creates both a beautiful shape and a room with a fantastic feeling of space and openness. Generous glass sections and skylights invite nature and the Nordic light.

The size of the volumes and simple rectangular footprints enable them to be combined in several different constellations depending on the location’s conditions. There is also the possibility of building one, two or three modules as needed.

The basic design is arranged with a module containing entrance, technical room, bathroom with shower or bath, master bedroom with associated walk-in closet, and sleeping loft, while the other module contains kitchen, dining room and living room in open plan with double ceiling height. The basic design accommodates a total of 6 fixed sleeping places.

In addition to this, another module contains a smaller bathroom, one bedroom and another sleeping or work room with double ceiling height. The additional design accommodates a total of 8 fixed sleeping places.



Joakim Kaminsky
Edouard Boisse
Francesca Suaria

Välv by Joakim Kaminsky in Sweden won the WA Award Cycle 30. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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