Ningbo IDEA KIDS International Kindergarten

IDEA kindergarten is located in the west of Ningbo Jishigang CBD center. The west side current is farmland. The east side has excellent environmental conditions and dense high-grade residential areas. The building area is 14920㎡, design for 18 standard classes kindergarten.
According to IDEA's educational philosophy, the new kindergarten aims to build a source of love, happy and learning, to provide a good environment for the effective development of kindergarten multi-intelligence talent education, respect the differences of each child, and support each child's talent.

Terrace Kindergarten
The Places for carrying good memories
Far away
I can see my school, She's on that terrace.
Apart from the house, I can see the red flag in the wind.
I'm holding my little buddy
Running to the terrace
Terraces, one by one curves
Terraces, one by one terraces
All year round, colorful wind blows in the fields.
Scraping rice farms, tea fields, wild flowers in terraced Bamboo groves, trees and vines beside the school

Kindergarten is an important part of childhood memory. The original intention of the design is to enable every child to explore and discover nature spontaneously. Using large transparent glass windows, balconies, roof platforms and various courtyards to form inspiring and experiential scenes.Children can see the outside world through the glass window, and also can get close contact with natural, to maintain the close distance with nature. The fresh and concise interior and exterior space creates a lively and cheerful atmosphere for kindergartens, and creates a YY terrace school with beautiful memories for children.

Series Courtyards
The building unfolds in parallel, form three inner courtyards in series through the layout of the master plan.
The organic combination of closed, semi-closed and open activity venues forms a sequential transition, and constantly cultivates children's open mindset of Integrate with nature and society.

Terrace Volume
Terrace Volume eliminates the scale of the building, while ensuring the sunshine of the inner courtyards, forming excessive cascades. Lower floors in the younger age, higher floors in the older age, which is easy to form self-spatial awareness. The roof of the lower grades can also be used as a platform and garden for the higher grades in the future.

Communication Corridor
Games and sports are the most important parts of kindergarten education. Between each courtyard is the excessive semi-outdoor space, forming many game space, exhibition,recreation and Stormy classroom teaching, is the most resilient and dynamic space in the building. Linear corridor area is the space for children and teachers to live, study and play in class. Streamline crossing enlarged space has become the children's favorite world, scientific maze, swimming pool, library , small stages.

Beating colors
In the overall white wall, the facade of the building uses beating colors, which can combine with interior and landscape colors to stimulate children's emotion and school vitality。

Diversified Education
In the north district of kindergarten, there are more than ten special classrooms with different themes, such as JELIC operating room, STEM science exploration hall, Zhigao construction room, creative art exploration workshop, Garden Exploration Workshop and sandbox game, which not only develop children's mathematical and logical intelligence, imagination and EQ, but also promote the socialization of children's own intelligence in the games.
The setting of swimming pool can effectively promote children's physical movement intelligence, and is more conducive to the overall growth of children's physical, intellectual, moral and aesthetic.



Gross Built Area (square meters):
14920 ㎡

Leader designer & Team:
Peng Zhao, Zhengquan zhang, Hao Wu, Weiwei He, Hao Wu, Guisen Qiu

Photo credits:
Feng Shao

Ningbo Civil Architectural Design Research Institute