The Marvelous Mundane is what The Marvelous Mundane is what surrounds us. The scaffolding of meaning within our life and human condition. It is our guide to purposeful environmental experience. These moments of the mundane exist at all scales of spatial kinesthetics and could be seen as a derivative of fractal nature. These interactions consist of an infinite in and out represented through space and time socialization. The friction of these elementals gives our space purpose. This project explores an analysis of spatial appropriation through the beauty that can be cast upon through the most base elements. Through explorations of light and materiality by looking deeper into our relationship to light and materiality especially when addressing our perception of these spatial elements and time. These elements manifest in sound, sight, smell, and touch. This project specifically focused on the composition of light and materiality within the context of Mong Kok an older area of Hong Kong. This project and the accompanying films were shot/ documented primarily at night to focus on the dialogue between light while still addressing a cities relationship to day and night. The qualities of cities and space hide while simultaneously revealing different information that may not always be apparent at first glance. I hope this project helps people understand the beauty the exists within the mundane fabric in which we exist. The program was a film school connected to a mixed-use program spaces as diverse as you could imagine. Especially focusing on community center, performance spaces, public gathering, exhibition space, and public library resources.



All model shots are as is, there was no use of photoshop or any other modifications. Light and projections were used as a real-life catalyst for the modification of these model spaces.

Chris Weimann | Prof. Esther Lorenz

Marvelous Mundane: A Kinesthetic Montage by Christopher Weimann in Hong Kong won the WA Award Cycle 30. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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