With the vision of generating a restaurant that combines the modern and contemporary architecture with lavished and mesmerizing high-end interiors, “Pikkle” serves as a unique restaurant in the area of East Delhi. The restaurant provides an elite dining experience with its astonishing atmosphere with vibrant colors for the users.

The ideology of providing the best in class interiors and experience of creating a stupendous atmosphere within the place for the users has been executed to perfection. An exquisite dining arena design with an aura that pushes an enormous amount of positive energy from every corner of its vibrant walls has been implemented.

With its awe-striking ambiance, the restaurant inculcates a wide variety of cuisines ranging from Japanese ton North Indian. An abundance of positivity could be seen within its atmosphere.



The entrance walkway provides an enormous inquisitiveness to delve into the interiors of the composition. From the very inception, the place outshines any other with a bundle of artificial plants placed along the path to the lift lobby, with yellow lighting to generate serve as a hint to the world inside.

Futheron is followed up in the lobby of the restaurant on the 4th floor with the walls of the lobby with black marking and satyric panels which are arranged horizontally on the black and white columns.

The aura of the place increases as we move along, with a vibrant ambiance displayed from every corner of the place. Chequered flooring complimenting the elegance of the place, light yellow terrazzo flooring encircling the huge MDF columns which are coated green adds up to the aura of the place.

Elegant furniture with wine colored seating for the bar with a DJ stage with kadappa stone and terrazzo ends shines brightly in the restaurant.

Textured walls with graffiti and MDF panels add up to the energetic atmosphere of the place.