The project is located in Kiziltepe, the district of Mardin, one of the eastern provinces of Turkey. The building, designed as ground 8 floors, is located on Mardin street. It was designed in front of the housing structure that was previously designed for the same client. The new building was designed as an office building. In the site plan, the building is not exactly a rectangle, it has a trapezoidal geometry due to the shape of the plot. Since the building is located on a corner parcel, an angled design was made on the corner with a glass curtain wall in order to emphasize its corner, and a corner emphasis was made, which strengthens the relationship of the building with two streets. Since the prestige and the architecture of the building will contribute to their work for the customers who will rent the offices in office buildings, a design has been made that emphasizes the fact that the building is a corner parcel instead of a classical façade. Entrance shade that defines the entrance of the shop, formed by the maintenance of the movement of the facade which gives the character of the structure. In the office building, 2 stairs and 2 elevators serve for vertical circulation. The approximate floor area is 1210 m2. The top floor ceiling height of the building is 30.75 meters. Ground and 1st floor are designed as commercial shops.Starting from the 1st floor, there are 10 independent office units of different sizes on each floor. Each office unit has its own service kitchen, 2 separate office rooms and bathrooms.



Type : Commercial-Residencial
Status: Completed
Structure: RC Structure

Plot area: 1081 sqm

Built up area: 1081 sqm
Total construction area: 10 154 sqm

Storeys: 11 floors(2 basements G mezzanine 7)

Building height: 33.65 m

Basement car park:36 cars

Selim Senin


WALL Corporation