The project is located in Alacati, a renowned tourism center in Turkey. Despite the plot's distance from the sea, the design prioritizes outdoor living, catering to year-round living, as per the user's requirements. Additionally, the challenge of constructing two adjacent houses on a relatively narrow 700m2 plot (17m x 41m) facing the road was addressed by opting for an L-shaped, back-to-back twin house layout, optimizing the entire width of the plot for gardens.

The unique narrow and elongated plot shape was creatively utilized, ensuring that all spaces, including those on the first floor, face their respective living spaces and gardens, minimizing contact with adjacent properties. This innovative layout resolves privacy concerns inherent in twin house designs where living spaces are side by side.

A narrow yet long swimming pool runs along the full width of the narrow end of the plot, featuring a jacuzzi integrated into the pool's stairs. Additionally, a terrace adjacent to the house and a "fire pit" with a lower elevation compared to the garden complement the outdoor amenities.

The exterior facade incorporates natural materials, with horizontal Iroko cladding on the upper floor, accentuated by dark grey painted plaster areas. This design choice enhances the linear aesthetics of the structure, extending seamlessly outside the windows of the bathrooms and walk-in closets. Horizontal lines continue on the natural stone wall cladding of the ground floor. The staircase connecting the two floors is made visually prominent on the facade using wooden pillars and glass, allowing natural light to illuminate the space. Furthermore, a combination of wood and natural stone on the living room's fireplace wall, facing the stairs, adds an elegant touch to the interior design.



Plot Area: 700m2
Built Area : 360m2 (2 adjacent duplex villa)
Lead Architect: Basak Akkoyunlu
Client/Consultant: Arton Construction
Landscape: Terry Filidis Landscape Design
Photo Credits: Burak Gurbuz, Basak Akkoyunlu

Basak Akkoyunlu
Bahadir Budak


Burak Gürbüz

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