The project, situated adjacent to the Forbidden City in Beijing, moves to encapsulate the historical, political, and cultural essence of the historic site. The project is an Environmental Engagement Center, consisting of a Water Waste Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Public Education Park. Through the activation of “environment”, the intention is to transform the historical context and to reflect the political shifts and cultural originality of present day China. The construction of a chaining system is the architectural articulation of interconnection, providing improved access and facilitating exchange. The combination of the WWTP facility for Beijing’s over-taxed water system and the Public Education Park intertwines dual interests and superimposes history. It demands open public access within the boundary of the Chinese Government both physically and psychologically and in doing so, creates a new typology, an Intertwined TimeScape in the complex city.



The 3D development of form based on the 2D structural logic drawing produces an open-ended chaining structural system. The combination of skin, structure, and light is intrinsically interconnected with physical factors such as weight, scale, and material. By folding, mirroring, and interlocking the transparent circular form, open and closed spatial perceptions are created, providing a continuous sense of linking and looping and a play between a floating and anchored structure. By varying height, the condition of inside and outside, proportion and rotational logic, the concepts of duality and simultaneity are satisfied.

Environmental Engagement Center by Yea Hwa Kim in China won the WA Award Cycle 7. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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