OIB Automotive Technical High School is located in Görükle, Bursa. The name of this settlement, is drived from the word Kouvouklei which means verdure and promenade. This derivation was highly affacted the conceptual idea of the project. Some parts of the site was still covered by olive trees. In addition to these,while starting the project two sharp determining data about the site, which shapes directly the conceptual desing form, has sticked out. One of them is the high pitches green landscape and the other one is the architectural nonquality of the existing settlement. So we were conservative about the sloped “Olive Grove”, which was seen as the most attractive part of the site and we choose an introverted life.

Aa a result the project was designed as a layered form, which is compatible with slope of the landscape and also continues existing green cover. Different layers suplies diferent terraces, some of them were desinged as open area for students, some of them were covered with green, as a continuation of the existing natural texture. So the section of the building can be seen as the section of the site.

An partially introverted daily life were chosen for that school building, additionally being aware of the fact that THE CONTEMPORARY EDUCATIONAL VISION IS BASED ON A PROGRAM WHICH SUPPLIES STUDENTS DIFFERENT PERSONAL ABILIES, CREATIVITY AND COMMUNICATION ABILITY, an architectural design with different scaled atriums were prepared. All educational units (classes and workshop studios) and social units (auditorium, library and sports hall) were attached to these RESILIENT, FLUID, CONDUCTIVE atriums and indirectly to each other.

Covering the terraces of the educational units with green texture, serves basicly to the continuation of the existing green, on the other hand it sets apart social and educational units from residential units (dormitory and housing for instructors )which were located against the olive grove, since educatinal life and personal life requires a kind of segregation. On the other hand whole design system has the same logic and same space order.



Metin KILIC & Durrin SUER


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