Selected as Honorable Mentioned design in London2008 competition

designing an adoptable architecture gallery on thamesriever in London was the main aim in this project
The idea of a floating architecture gallery on a river is a very unique scheme that can provide extensive ways of thinking. Inspired from nature, our solution was to bring the idea of an adaptable object into the project’s design. An object which not only has an innate floating character, but also is a symbol of departure from the origin: “The Iceberg”

Parameters of Design:

1. The main concept; Iceberg
The idea of a dignified object floating on water is used as a symbol, reminding the origin from which this object is derived. Just like the architecture departed from the nature or in a minor scale, this gallery, which is departed from the whole architecture of London and the world, as a floating landmark (or watermark!). For this reason we are going to call it an ARCBERG.

2. Energy saving:
PV panels have been used, to cover the main structure. These panels can save the energy of the ultraviolet rays and change it into electrical power so that it can even work in partly cloudy days. This energy will also be used to light up the gallery at night. For this reason there should be a small room to maintain the central battery.

3. Natural indirect light:
Since the main gallery needs to obtain natural indirect light, partly transparent PV panels have been used on the body. These panels can have a reflection rate between 0 to 100%. The 15% transparency rate of the panels can provide us with bright walls. This self-illumination produces a special natural light that is suitable for this gallery, the same way Eskimos light up their Igloos.

4. The Wharf:
The wharf is located at the west side of the Millennium bridge in the south bank of the river. It’s hanging beside the coast is also designed as a part of the main ARCBERG (the gallery); A remaining part on the land which is not departed yet.



Roozbeh Tabandeh, Haleh Vedadi Nejad,Farnoosh Eftekharian, Ghazal Tabandeh, Farokh Tabandeh, Suzan Istadeh

London Adoptable Architecture Gallery by roozbeh tabandeh in United Kingdom won the WA Award Cycle 8. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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