The squares , which also could be defined as the rooms that are surrounded by the buildings and has the sky as plafond ,are the first public places for ancient people. Both ancient and contemporary, the people have been used to use those fields as interracting places.

On this Project , a different approach will be held for the public areas. Times Square where the people from different cultures are welcomed in New Yorl is choosen fort his projet.. This place , Times Square , fullfills the defination of the rooms that are surrounded by the buildings and has the sky as plafond and is the central point of urban people.
The Times Square is a common place for many people and she brings them together for different kinds of activities in New York , The Sleepless city .

On this aspect , the amphitheaters can be spotted for similar activities such us crowded meetings and organisations.

The goal of this Project to design a URBAN THEATRE in the urban scale and area where is an interraction place. It is aimed that with the URBAN THEATRE , people will be able to Express themselves in eachother as well as they can have different activities such as theatre, concert and exhibitions.

With this regard the main struckture of the Square is protected but some details are changed. For examle the traffic will be from downstairs and the up will be designed for pedestrians as a square. Also the red stairs, in Father Duffy Square are kept in original and will be used as a part of URBAN THEATRE. This Theatre is projected accross the red stairs and consist of the steps which surrounds the stage that is in the middle. The Theatre creates a new face for Times Square with its platform, a graving dock just under and with its steps.

With the emerging technologies, urban theatre is designed as a structure that produces its own energy. Urban theatre Obtains energy from human movement around the stage and can use this energy again in its structure. While people are dancing on floor , pressure is converted into energy by the sensors on the floor. and the converted energy can be displayed on an interactive screen behind the red stairs simultaneously. With this screen the physical energy gives the audience a distinct enthusiasm. It is called sustainable dance floor (www.sustainabledanceclub.com ) and possible to use this system in many places where high-densed crowded exist.

A lifting system which can be integrated on the guardrails of the stairs people with disabilities are able to participate in the environment.



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