This 165sqmt unit is owned by a Taiwanese-Chinese family that basically loves a lot of stuff. The initial design intent for this is basically to give the tenants a clutter free, simple yet comfortable place where they can retire themselves from the busy outdoors.



Design is primarily a zen and modern contemporary. Since there is a known fact that there is a lack of storage space in a condominium unit what I did is quite the opposite. I added several cabinetries but mimic them in such a way like they were non-existent. They may differ in color but they play with the walls, either by flushing them or just literally making the edges straight forward that makes it look part of the built in space. I also placed mirrors not to only one flat surface but different orientation adjacent surfaces to project a certain continuity of the illusion of making the space look big. I also combined the dining with that of the kitchen which makes the preparation area more roomy and more compact.


Marie Christine Dado