Architect: Sarbjit Singh Bahga, Chandigarh ---

The Outpatient Department-cum-Administrative Block is strategically located on the southern side facing the main entrance to the hospital. By virtue of its location this block becomes a landmark in the entire campus. The three-storey building has a covered area of 8475 square metres, and is cross-shaped in plan. It accommodates registration, records, waiting spaces, consultation rooms, medical emergency, and ECT wings at ground floor level. At the first floor level, there is diagnostic wing comprising laboratory, CT scan, X-ray, EEG, ECG, etc., besides a library, lecture halls, seminar hall, exhibition hall, and some administrative offices. The remaining offices have been accommodated at the second floor level. All the floors are vertically linked by a lift, two staircases, and a ramp adjusted in the core of the building. The circular ramp serpentines round a triple-height atrium, which receives daylight from top. This feature adds to the spaciousness and grandeur of the inner core.
At the ground floor level, as soon as the patient enters the OPD, the receptionist attends him. Registration and other formalities are done and the patient is guided to the doctor’s room. There is ample waiting space with proper sitting arrangements outside the doctors’ chambers. Doctor’s consulting room has been carefully designed to accommodate an office table, 3-4 chairs, and an examination table. One attached toilet has been provided with two chambers. The rooms are designed to avoid overlooking and communication with other rooms as this can cause possible interruption of confidential discussions.




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