Focusing on environmentally sensitive design and construction strategies by approaching with outside-construction. The contractor also helps owners and architects work within the site’s low-impact philosophy.

In addition to the environmental goals and requirements of the community, architect established low-impact environmental and energy goals with the research-based design. These goals guided the design of the new resort:

1.Develop the site with as little disturbance as possible.
2. Site and construct the resort in a way that removes the fewest trees possible.
3.Establish and maintain good indoor air quality.
4. Be resource-efficient with respect to both available site resources and product / material / system selection and production.
5. Reduce transportation energy use by using regionally available products and materials.
6. Reduce construction waste.

1. Modular in design
2. completly interior design and installation
3. A light structure
4. 3 x 6 mts. of space