“Architecture is ….. The transformation of nature, a total fusion of science, Art& Technology in a sublime statement of human dignity &intelligence through the settlement we build” –Paulo Mendes Da Rocha

Discretely trucked away along a quiet residential lane , the 2 storied house affords every amenity in a bold & utterly unique structure detail with finest attention to natural resources/Elements( light, air &Sun)
The house is designed to keep minimalistic. Therefore forms is derived not by the constrain of style but by programmatic & climatic forces, shapes this house. Large overhangs, cantilevers blocks the harsh sun, an almost invisible lines of glass, shaded by deep overhangs, break down the boundaries of indoor & outdoor living...

The house was conceived like a sustainable house .since the beginning .so it has a study on energy efficiency, analyzing the sun trajectory and the prevailing wind s in diverse seasons of the year .
As a result of these studies .the house has diverse system of isolation like its double height courtyard (surrounded by room’s & activities) to help hot air to rise up and let go .which helps air circulation,
Large overhangs are provided to control harsh sun .so that we get large (low-E) glass openings for natural Light & ventilation.
System of pluvial water harvesting is develop to catch rain water and disperse it to the court &outdoor landscape, vegetation
Solar panels/photovoltaic screens are used for skylight .which helps in reduce the power consumption,



chandrashekhar patil , sanjay b

magar house by chandrashekhar patil in India won the WA Award Cycle 7. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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