The main entry is through the south of the site from the adjoining main road. Visitors are drawn towards a large open central courtyard and travel along the shaded passages to reach the spa and sporting facilities on one side or the food and beverage outlets on the other side of the courtyard.
The private domain on the upper floor contains nine residential suites with breathtaking views of the neighbouring water body. The library, gymnasium and lounge are grouped in a distinct volume which serves as a tranquil refuge for individuals to relax and reflect. The single-story basement contains car parking, house keeping facilities, building services and indoor sport courts which require large volumes (squash/badminton courts).
Kitchen is located with respect to service access and is secluded from the main club activities. Food & beverage outlets on either side.Restaurants, lounge & large rooms facing green landscape area (green finger). Banquet / multipurpose halls are next to the entrance for direct access from outside and prevent the crossing of circulation between gym users and banquet guests.
Sports facilities oriented towards northern & southern faces open up to link with the green finger for outdoor activities.Spaces not requiring significant natural light such as the badminton & squash courts have been placed on the warmer southern side.

The building is a new multi-purpose clubhouse containing extensive sporting, dining and recreational facilities for the adjoining township residents located in Hyderabad , India. It is a hub of inspiration, interaction and recreational activity. Its dynamic environment is enhanced by its free flowing mass which merges the internal and external recreational spaces, blurring the boundaries between them. The form complements the adjoining natural water body which follows the contours of the greenbelt and golf course neighboring the site.

Form: The fluid sculptural form is envisioned to become an inviting beacon within the township which encourages residents to visit. Visitors are treated to a unique and pleasurable experience as they explore the spaces of varying heights and volumes. The winding form encourages free movement in the buildings circulation and blurs the definitive axis to become an interesting and exciting element.
Central Courtyard The landscaped central courtyard punctuates the mass and forms a focal point. Movement of the southwest breeze is facilated through the courtyard.It not only enables natural daylight to enter all areas but also provides passive cooling throughout the year reducing the buildings energy needs. The large courtyard derived from traditional indian architecture facilitates natural ventilation so that none of the main circulation & lounge areas need air conditioning.The functional activities emerge from the center and face out toward to the buildings exterior, maximising visual links to the outdoor environment through large deeply recessed glazed facades.



Mr. Sanjay Puri,Mr.Ali Abbasi