Bait Al Bader is an old Kuwaiti houses, which represents clearly the distinctive architectural style of old Kuwaiti houses in terms of its social, cultural, economic and climatic solutions. It also represents a distinctive style in relation to architecture planning and local building material.
The original design of the house consists of 5 open courtyards:
1- men reception courtyard - housh al diwanyya.
2- women courtyard - housh al harim.
3- kitchen courtyard - housh al matbakh.
4- animals courtyard - housh al ghanam.
5- business courtyard - housh al amarah.
Building material:
1- clay.
2- coral stones.
3- white cement.
The roof:
1- chandal .
2- bascheel .
3- bowari .
4- mud layer.
5- plaster.
The high of the thick wall is about 4 m above the ground.