Kuwait Towers are the most important landmark on the Gulf Road in Kuwait. They were designed by the Danish architect Malene Bjorn and inaugurated on February 26, 1977. Water is contained in a sculptural form that imitates the traditional Arabian perfume containers. The project is located at the tip of Ras Ajouza peninsula. The project is composed of three towers; two towers are used as water containers and the third is a lighting pole. The tallest is 180 meters high and contains 4,500 m3 water reservoir, a 90 guests restaurant, and a rotating observatory. The second tower is 140 meters high and is used only as a water reservoir. The spheres are covered with enamelled plates of steel painted in colour scheme of blues, greens and greys in harmony with the traditional ornamental forms of the gulf architecture of the past, creating a brilliant impression in daylight and light spectacle at night. The project became a symbol for the city and the state of Kuwait with its huge spheres hung on pointed towers.