A multi-purpose city accommodating aspects of economy, commerce, culture, residence, and entertainment and built over 250 sq km in Subbiya. The city would include a resort, a 200 hectare desert preserve, and linked to Kuwait City by the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Bridge, as well as holding a free zone near a new international airport that would be linked by a new railway line and road and air networks extending to Central Asia. The city would also hold a business city and an area for forums and exhibition, as well as cities dedicated for sports, culture, environment, media, industry, education and health. Furthermore, it would include tourism centres, hotels, resorts, public gardens, spacious residential areas and a tall and distinctive tower. Mubarak Tower will be 1001 m high and will form the landmark for this new city. The tower was inspired by the 1001 nights story and the desert plant life. The tower will be composed of 7 vertical villages which will consist of hotels, offices, residences and entertainment facilities. The construction and management phases is expected to extend over 25 years. Investments in the city is estimated at KD 25 billion, which would reflect positively on national economy and help diversity income, as well as creating 430,000 new jobs for national workers. The project would also serve to create investment opportunities and attract both local and foreign investors, while creating an effective strategic partnership between the public and private sectors, as well as contributing to the architectural boom with a city designed to house over 700,000 people.