Banco Deuno (Your-own Bank) is a new concept of the Mexican IXE Grupo Financiero where the communication among the client and the bank is very open and always the same. Under the concept of renovating the bank institutions, Banco Deuno confided in usoarquitectura to transform all the institutional precepts and corporate image into an interior design where the main core is the client’s experience.



The different spaces are standardized by the correct selection of finishes and color application, being this last one the personal signature of each branch. The bank’s dynamic culture is interpreted through this ample color palette. The combinations are flexible and can be adapted according to each space needs. Architects Gabriel Salazar and Fernando Castañón applied all their knowledge and experience in commercial interior architecture developing adequate areas for both the internal operation of the bank and customer service.

Design: usoarquitectura
Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón
Associates: Mariana Salas, Octavio Vázquez, Gerardo Gavito, Víctor Acoltzi and Francisco Ortiz