fluid forms enmeshed in each other, at parts emerging from each other constitute this building, housing art galleries, an auditorium, a cafeteria and a small office block.

the fluidity of form seen externally is carried through the interior volumes allowing spaces to flow into each other seamlessly while each al space is yet defined within.

all the internal spaces are lit by skylights and the art gallery area walls flow into the roofs as a series of homogeneous fluid forms. a small office complex is perched 40’-0” above the galleries. this allows the galleries to be lit by skylights while defining the office block distinctly as a separate volume.

thus within a small plot of 1400 sq. m, an area of 1050 sq. m comprising the art galleries and related s and an office block of 1050 sq. m are conceived together, each with its own identity. exposed concrete would form the entire shell of this fluid sculptural structure.



Sanjay puri , Sapana Khakaria


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