Convergent Resonance

Site: In Manhattan, New York, at 42nd street and 2nd avenue near United Nations’ headquarter, the condition of this area is consisted of higher ground level area with bridge, which is over 42nd street with great viewpoint through the axis of 42nd street via Grand central station, Chrysler building and Time Square for neighbors and also for numerous tourists. For these reasons, various cultural, racial, regional groups and entities visits this area and create multiple gathering conditions mixed with neighbors’ residents.

Strategy: The definition of Gathering in this proposal can be epitomized by the directions between person and also among groups, when they meet each other. According to these understandings, each gathering is consisted of the gathered members, their directional vectors and the gathering centers, whether the size of gatherings are big or small. By developing this definition, gatherings can be understood as a harmony of each member’s vectors in some space. Furthermore, they can be mixed and be coalesced each other in one space with various sizes and characteristics by manipulating those vectors. By embedding multiple small gathering groups in one large gathering group while responding to their resonance, one big public gathering space can contain various sizes’ and properties’ gathering groups, while keeping the unities as a one big gathering community space.



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