Our design strategy for the MITI competition scheme to achieve both efficiency and slenderness was to design the tower block in 3 separate elements and have these interlock in one composition. One of these elements, the service core with a vertical glass enclosure comprising a stairway and a bank of bubble lifts, allow visitors views towards Kuala Lumpur while giving the tower its vertical outlook. The other 2 interlocking elements of the tower composition, a sloping rectangle and a curved glass form, featured a roof deck accessible from a dining/meeting room that could be used for entertaining visiting dignitaries. The tower skyline is embellished with a shaded glass dome housing a conference room; and a pinnacle in the form of a telecommunications tower above the service core.
The entire complex was planned based on a C-shaped configuration with entrance lobbies for VIPs being separated from the public entrance (accessing the multi purpose hall and an auditorium 6 metres below the main road level). The level difference within this site was addressed by a gently sloping central courtyard which allow visitors access to different zones within the proposed development; and a circular garden of tropical forest trees linked to a free form landscaped garden with walkpaths leading to an open air ampitheatre.