the proposed commercial office development on lot 2c2 (abbreviation for precinct 2, commercial building, parcel 2) is located in the vicinity of the wawasan bridge and is adjacent to putrajaya holdings sdn bhd headquarters building. it is accessible via two platform levels; first, the vehicular access level, at the same elevation as the core island main roads and second, a lakefront promenade, about 6 metres lower. by virtue of this promenade frontage, the site is part of an extensive network of tourism related lakefront developments in and around the core island.
designed based on a modern theme and inspired by maritime elements, the building enclosure is of blue coloured glass combined with passive solar shading devices. the proposed scheme is composed of curvilinear forms aimed at creating visual continuity of the facades when viewed by tourists travelling on boats and ferries across the lake. consisting of a 16 storey office tower and a 4 storey retail area and office suites, these two blocks are linked by a central stepped courtyard which connects the two main access levels. around the courtyard, retail outlets combined with various dining and fast food outlets create a lively ambience which will attract tourists, lunch hour and weekend visitors; a key factor in ensuring the success of this commercial development.